Amazon Fire Phone: 5 reasons for success and 1 reason for failure

Last week we discovered the first Amazon Smartphone. It has received mixed reviews from tech specialists, so we will have to wait and see. However, here are my 5 reasons why I think it can be a success and the 1 reason why it could be the biggest Amazon failure.


  • It’s Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest retail machines in the world. Amazon will do everything for this Smartphone to be a success. They will provide an excellent customer service to each Fire Phone owner, and they will probably spend millions on marketing to convince us we need to buy this phone! Look at the Kindle, Kindle Fire and Fire HDX, they have enjoyed a certain success thanks to the huge power machine of the number one online retailer. If you love Amazon and spend a lot of money on Jeff Bezos’ will probably be sold to the idea of owning a Fire Phone.

  • Unique features

We have to give credit to Amazon because they have packed in some interesting features.

  • First it has the Mayday features that everybody loves. If you have a question, call Mayday and the Amazon team will help you with that matter.
  • Dynamic Perspective is an interesting feature. It’s like 3D and the phone responds to the way you hold it. According to The Verge “It’s miles away from the accelerometer-based gimmicks we’ve seen on older 3D phones.”
  • The Fire Fly technology is also a strong selling point. Basically Fire Fly identifies phone numbers, email addresses, music, movies, TV shows and 70 million of products. This is a power tool to let you buy more and more products on Amazon. It’s a very clever way from Amazon to get more of your hard earned money. 

  • Fire OS

The Fire Phone is powered by Fire OS 3.5.0. It is not pure Android, but there are millions owners of Kindle Fire/Hd/HDX who are enjoying the Amazon OS. Fire OS is a nice operative system, with some limitations, for example you don’t have access to the Google Play Store and millions of apps. But it is relatively easy to side load Google apps to the Kindle Fire Hd/HDX tablet so hopefully it will be the same with Fire OS 3.5.0 on the Fire Phone. Fire OS is a relatively lag free OS, and in my opinion it has a nice look (I actually like the caroussel).



  •  Camera

Nobody has tried the Amazon smartphone yet, but the camera looks promising. During the presentation of the Fire Phone, Jeff Bezos has shown great quality pictures taken with the smartphone. It features a 13MP camera with a fast five-element wide aperture f/2.0 lens and Optical Image Stabilisation. Some low light pictures shown at the event are impressive.

  • Amazon Prime

The Cherry on the cake is a full year free subscription to Amazon Prime (limited-time offer). With Amazon Prime you get free two days shipping on millions of items, unlimited streaming of TV Shows, movies and the new service ‘Prime Music’. Amazon Prime is an excellent service in the USA (more limited here in the UK). Amazon want you to spend a lot of money on their store/service and they are making it easier than ever!


So, everything looks good in paradise. To be honest, everybody would say yes it’s a nice looking phone, with powerful specs, unique features, 1 year free Amazon Prime and the excellent customer service of Amazon.


But....there is One reason why this phone can be a huge failure for Amazon:   “THE PRICE!”

This phone is extremely expensive, $699 sim free and $199 on contract! Everybody expected to see Amazon pricing the Fire Phone a la Nexus, but instead they priced it a la Apple. And this is a big problem and in my opinion a huge mistake. Amazon customers expect to buy affordable devices from their favourite store and the price of the phone is possibly out of the “comfort zone” of a lot of Amazon customers. Until now, the philosophy of Amazon was to sell relatively cheap devices to attract a large amount of customers and then make them spend money within the Amazon world.

So, the question is WHY this change of pricing policy? The Kindle Fire HDX 8 was already priced quite high and it didn’t sell as well, so it should be a signal for Amazon.

Time will tell if they are right or wrong. More than likely the Fire Phone will be top of the Best Seller list of Amazon, but who still believes that the Amazon Top Sellers list is accurate?

What do you think about the Fire Phone? What is your favourite features? Do you think it is too expensive? 


Buy the Amazon Fire Phone.

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