5 Best UK Subscription Boxes for Men


Over the last two years I have reviewed a lot of subscription boxes. Some are great and definitely deserve to be tried while others in my opinion are just pure marketing failure. Today I have decided to give you the list of what I consider the best 5 Subscription Boxes for Men. 

  • Toppbox

Toppbox is the only UK beauty box for men and it is packed with plenty of great skincare products for us. I really like the way you can personalise your box and the selection of products that are quite hard to find in the usual retail shops in the UK (like Boots, Superdrugs etc..). The nicely designed box costs £19 every month, and it is worth much more. Here is my Youtube review:

  • Shave and Subscribe

Razors and blades monthly subscription boxes are everywhere right now. Personally I think that's a market bubble but undeniably the choice of blades is bigger than ever. So I have reviewed a lot of blades and razors over the last two years. My favourite is called Shave and Subscribe.  This company supply a selection of Gillette razors and blades that are sent to you on a regular basis (depending on your shaving needs).  Here is my full REVIEW.


Christian Benedict

Can you imagine a stylish and well made shirt sent directly to you at an incredible price? Well that's the goal of Christian Benedict and I think they have found the magic formula.  Each shirt costs £24.95 and they can be sent every 30, 60, or 90 days. The quality of the cotton is really great and they fit really well. I really love my white Christian Benedict shirt and I think you should try it. Here is my full review. 

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The Personal Barber

The Personal Barber is another great shaving subscription box but this time it's all about Traditional Shaving. The concept is fantastic: they send you a razor, great blades and a selection of premium skincare products (included shaving soap/cream). The razor feels great in the hand and the selection of blades I received was great. Then comes the skincare products included, and I think the team of The Personal Barber has done a terrific job here. So if you are into traditional shaving or want to try a "really close" shaving experience, I highly recommend The Personal Barber. Here is my full review.

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Socks in a Box

My drawer is full of socks and I am the type of guy that thinks we can never have too many undies and socks! Socks in a Box is one of my favourite subscription boxes. I wrote a full review in December 2016 but since then they have made a lot of positive changes to their service. They have a brand new website that is user friendly and smart. For each type of socks you have option of a 3 or 6 monthly subscription. The value is amazing (£19.99 for a pair of socks every month during 3 months and free delivery!). The new packaging is really well designed and has a nice premium feel about it. The socks are made of high quality material and fits perfectly well. I have one pair that looks like new since December 2016! If you think stylish and funky socks are a must have in your wardrobe, you have to check their website and give Socks in a Box a try!

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